Upcoming Events


  • Jun 27 Sun

    Sunday Late Service

    June 27, 2021 @ 11:00 AM
    Grace Bible Fellowship (201 5th Ave NE, Three Hills, AB)
    Jamie Pryor
    Grace Bible Fellowship meets in the Three Hills Arts Academy building at 201 5th Ave SE in Three Hills, Alberta. 

    We continue to offer on-line and in-person services each week at 15% capacity. The congregation is divided into two sections meeting on Sunday early (9:30 am) & Sunday late (11:00 am).

    In order to secure a seat(s) for you or your family, you will need to register your attendance with the contact person assigned to the service you wish to attend. Registration is on a first-come (first-registered), first-served basis. Those who register too late for one service will be given priority for the next service. Those who do not register their attendance will be turned away at the door.